English training at EVRY- Linguistic Solutions is aimed at developing effective and fluid communication skills in real situations. Our clients can choose between private or group classes as well as the various contexts in which to learn the language, including business and general English. We provide our customers with material for the course. The pedagogical material we employ during our training is tailor-made taking into account the group’s English level and interests.

Our training offers the possibility to learn while having fun and to enjoy the learning process.

With us, having the opportunity to learn with a native speaker is not a wish but a reality. The course is designed considering our client’s needs, urgency and availability and at the place of choice either on a regular basis or on a Classpack basis (workshops).

Topics and duration of the training are decided according to the client´s needs and requests.

Tailor-made training for evry level

In company training
Private training (P2P)

¿Do you need to prepare a presentation in English for a foreign visit at work? 
You need a  

¿Do you have a trip and you want to improve your conversation skills?  
You have a  

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Online training

We offer those clients seeking more flexibility in the learning process the possibility to have an online training or a mix training (online + face-to-face).
You may reach your trainer from any device at any place.

We make the complex, simple.