A certified translator must be registered with the CTPCBA (Sworn Translator’s Association of the City of Buenos Aires) in order to be able to act in any document written in a foreign language. All documents coming from abroad and expressed in any other language different from Spanish must be translated and signed by a certified translator before being submitted to a public entity or organization.

 evryplace like home

Going beyond the cultural barriers is our main goal. We translate to and from different languages maintaining the terminological consistency and the linguistic style.

Personal documents

• Passport / Visa 
• Certificate (birth, death, marriage, divorce, legal separation)
• School and university program (certificate, transcript, degree pending issuance, diploma)
• Criminal record / Certificate of good conduct / Police Clearance / Fingerprint submission / Police Certificate
• Travel certificate (authorization to leave the country, power-of-attorney)
• Lease agreement
• Driving license

Other documents


• Contract/Agreement
• Certificate and certification
• Bylaws / Articles of incorporation- Minutes
• License
• Letter Rogatory - Notice
• Power of attorney- Authorizations

Technical-Scientific-Literary documents

• Novel – Play – Flyer – Manual- Essay - Script

Medical documents

• Protocol – Test – Paper – Medical Test- Receipt

Economics documents

• Balance Sheet – Financial and Accounting Statement
• Auditing Report

Corporate documents

• Brochure – Leaflet- Training Manual - Newsletter - House Organ- Web site

We understand the urgency of a document:
legalizing translations implies dealing with specific paperwork that requires time and experience.

Taking into consideration the different requirements of each country or destination, 
we handle certifications, legalizations, apostilles and authentications before:

• Ministry of Internal Affairs
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Ministry of Education
• Chancellery/ Apostille

• Bar Association
• Sworn Translator’s Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA)
• Association of Notaries Public

We make the complex, simple